About Rights and Responsibility of Clients

A client has the right to understand and question any treatment being provided, as well as the right to know and participate in choosing the treatment goals and methods to be used. A client also has the right to be treated in a competent, dignified, compassionate and respectful manner at all times. A client has the right to know the cost of treatment and have all information be treated as confidential within the boundaries of the law. The client is free at any time to refuse or terminate treatment.

If the client feels that any rights have been denied or violated, the client is encouraged to discuss this with the therapist or may ask for another (practice-associated) therapist to assist. A client also has the right to file a grievance with the Kentucky Board of Psychology. 

If the client is unsure about whether the therapy is of real benefit, or even worse, is harmful, it may be a good time to evaluate with the therapist the progress in therapy or address these concerns frankly. 

Whereas during therapy, sexual feelings sometimes occur and discussion about them may be helpful, sexual contact with your therapist cannot be helpful and is specifically prohibited by the ethical professional codes. The therapeutic relationship is unique and should not be confused with a friendship.

When an appointment is scheduled, the therapist sets aside a time period to be fully available exclusively for the client. The client is responsible to pay for this reserved time unless a 24 hours notice is given to cancel the appointment. The fee for a missed appointment cannot be billed to the insurance.

At the onset of therapy, the client is informed about the session costs as determined by the insurance or the therapist's fee schedule. In case of financial hardship, the therapist may be able to help with a payment schedule or a redueced fee.  If a client fails to pay for the services rendered, all costs involved in collecting the outstanding balance as well as  an interest charge,  will be added to the balance.

Clients are asked to show respect and concern for other clients and their need for privacy. Parents are asked to properly supervise their child(ren). No smoking is allowed in the building.