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Vincent Dummer, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been in private practice in Lexington since 1983. He has more than thirty years experience in providing therapy services. He offers psychotherapy with a wide range of emotional conditions, especially issues related to traumatization. In the past decade, his approach to psychotherapy has been informed by mindfulness practices.

He also works with patients who have health conditions affected by cancer, cardio vascular disease and obesity. He is comfortable working with existential issues.

Coaching is offered for clients who seek to accomplish a meaningful goal and want to avoid the potential mental health stigmatization. He assists in interpersonal conflicts using the transformative mediation approach.

He has conducted more than a thousand compentency assessments including compentency to stand trial/criminal responsibility, guardianship, disability, bariatric presurgical assessment as well as assessments for differential diagnosis.

He is a state board approved supervisor for Licensed Psychological Associates and a trainer/supervisor in Mindfulness Based Psychosynthesis. He is planning to offer a mindfulness informed psychotherapy training the fall of 2014.

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